After hip replacement surgery 2 years ago, my 72 year old mom developed circulation problems which caused deep, agonising sores to develop on her feet and she has been in extreme pain and bed bound for the last 2 years.  My 75 year old dad has been looking after her 24/7 which is why he hasn’t been able to help me with the business lately.

After 2 failed skin grafts and trying every possible treatment, the doctors have finally decided that the only course of action now is a double amputation to remove both legs at the knee.

Dad no longer has the physical strength to properly care for her, so we have made arrangments to move her to a care home after the surgery.

The medical aid will cover most of the costs of surgery, but we know from bitter experience that there will still be huge financial costs to shoulder because some medical professionals such as anaesthetists, physiotherapists and lab services charge way above medical aid rates for their services. Not to mention the upcoming costs of rehabilitation, prosthetics etc

Anyway, this is a direct request for help from friends, family and members of the rockhound community. Even if you can only spare a dollar or 2 it will be deeply appreciated. Use the donation form below to make a direct donation or simply purchase a rock from one of the other pages on this site. Either way, thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart.

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