All standard orders are delivered via the South African Post Office. On checkout you will be presented with a choice of airmail or surface mail.

While surface mail is a lot cheaper, please be aware that your package can take 3 months and occasionally even more to arrive, whereas airmail is generally 14 – 21 days.

Should customs delays occur, delivery time may be extended. It is beyond our control.

Please bear in mind that shipping service transit times may vary particularly during peak periods, holiday seasons, or postal strikes, again, this is beyond our control.

All parcels are sent with a tracking number and your order can be tracked at

Once you parcel has been delivered to the post office, it is out of our hands. We can only access the information presented by the tracking site and can’t make the delivery happen any faster or tell you the name of the ship your package is on or which port in the world it is currently docked in. We can only tell you that it is on it’s way and give you the tracking number.

We pack the boxes as well as is feasibly possible and all crystals or mineral specimens are individually wrapped in bubble wrap or aerothene sheets before being packed into sturdy cardboard boxes. Despite our best efforts, breakages do occasionally occur if the package is particularly badly abused by the postal workers. Luckily this quite a rare occurrence but we cannot assume responsibility for damage that occurs after the parcel has left our hands. Please contact us should you require insurance on your delivery.

The cost of shipping is calculated in South African currency via a real time feed from the South African Post Office and then converted into your currency in real time according to the fluctuations in the international currency market. For this reason it is impossible for us to give you an accurate estimate of shipping costs ahead of time.

Example – The current rates for delivery to the USA are as follows:

For packages under 2 kilograms the rates are:

R36, 60 per 100 grams or part thereof for airmail
R18, 35  per 100 grams or part thereof for surface mail

For packages over 2 kilograms the rates are:

R151,30 per package plus R26,60 per 100 grams or part thereof for airmail
R151,30 per package plus R5,75 per 100 grams or part thereof for surface mail

The current conversion rate can be seen at

For larger bulk orders, please contact us for custom shipping options.