All items won on our Facebook live stream shows need to be claimed and paid for within 24 hours. We will protect your items for 24 hours but after that we’ll let them go to who ever pays first

Please do NOT order items with somebodies name next to it within 24 hours of a show – you will be refunded and the item will be reserved for the original person.

We have negotiated with DHL express and Fedex to get the best possible shipping rates and you will be presented with the exact costs when checking out your order and you will be able to select your shipping option of choice.

We are happy to allow you to pay for smaller orders over a period of time and then ship altogether in one package. Please let us know that you wish to stockpile as you place your orders in order to take
advantage of the fact that  the per kilo cost gets much  lower the heavier the order is, and use “airship” as a
coupon code. This will generate a “free” shipping option for you and we will calculate the cost of shipping and bill you when you are ready for us to pack and send.

To be alerted of future live stream sales please click here to select which method we should use to alert you.

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Showing all 14 results